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Executive Pastor

Salem Faraj

Hi I’m Sal, and I am the Executive Pastor here at Glad Tidings.

I grew up in Jordan, where I met my beautiful wife Randa, and had our two children Farah & Jamal. My background is in Banking & Finance, and I worked in the banking industry for over 22 years. However, Randa & I have always been involved in ministry and have served in different capacities over the years.

In 2012, and after a couple of years of attending GT with my family, I felt the call to join the amazing GT team. I served as the Care, Seniors, New Comers & Intercultural ministries pastor until 2021, where I transitioned into my role as the Executive Pastor. 

We are very privileged to call GT home, where we saw our children grow in their faith and love for others, and are so thankful to see them serving the Lord each in their own way. 

We love being part of the GT family, being an intercultural & intergenerational church, where we celebrate more than 75 nationalities, coming together to worship the name of Jesus every Sunday!! It's a beautiful tapestry of the Kingdom of God! 

Next time you’re in church, we hope that you feel loved and welcomed by our teams that strive to serve and honour the name of Jesus, and make this place a warm and welcoming one!