Take the plunge

Baptism: From Death to Life!
Take the plunge
For me, baptism was the next step of obedience in declaring my faith was my own and living out my life as a Christ-follower. It was so great to have been able to celebrate this with the whole GT family!
Pastor Nathan

Water Baptism is a beautiful expression of faith, a chance to public show our decision to follow Jesus. Baptism: "From Death to Life!"

BTW: Jesus told us to get Baptized... so let's go.

Current Life Elective

Apologetics course
4 Weeks Mid-week study
starting March 23rd 7pm
  • Reliability of Scripture (March 23rd)
  • The Existence of God (March 30th)
  • The Validity of the Resurrection Accounts (April 6th)
  • Moral Relativism (April 13th)

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