We believe in the power of prayer! Join us for one of our available times of prayer or share a prayer request.


1)Pre service prayer starts at 8:45am and ends at 9:25am in the Library

During Renovations: We are using the library due to the construction going on in the children’s department upstairs. Kids dept are using Social Centre for now)

2) The monthly prayer meeting is on the first Saturday of every month. 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Still on Zoom. We are considering moving back to Church or to alternate it but for now it’s on Zoom.To join in, pls send an email to requesting access to the Zoom meeting

3)The daily prayer meeting is at 8:45pm to 10pm although the Zoom platform is opened at 8:30pm Monday to Friday except when there is prayer school on Wednesday. To join in, please send an email to requesting access to the Zoom meeting

4)The weekly Men’s prayer meeting is on Tuesdays 7-8 a.m. in the Social Centre

5)The weekly intercessory prayer meeting is every Friday at 1:30-2:45 p.m. in the Social Centre

Please pray for our pastors, board
members, mission partners, political
leaders, and those serving in the military.

The prayer chain is 100+ members of the
GT family who receive email notifications
of prayer requests. You can submit a
prayer request online or by contacting the
church office by calling 905.335.8172 or