Missions Trips 2024

Upcoming Missions Opportunities for 2024.

We are truly filled with gratitude for the works God has been orchestrating through our church family. Despite the challenges brought by COVID, we've continuously sought ways to engage in missions. After last year's transformative youth trip to Guatemala, we're thrilled to unveil two mission opportunities for 2024.

Firstly, over the July long weekend, our youth will embark on a special mission without leaving our city. They'll be serving Burlington, living the essence of the great commission right in our own backyard. With the church as their base camp, they'll rest and rally, serving our community in remarkable ways. If you've got students in your household, jot down these dates and anticipate more details soon. We urge you to register for this local mission journey.

In October 2024, we'll be venturing abroad again, revisiting Guatemala for an adult building mission. The destination? A school nestled high in the mountains, standing 8,000 feet above sea level. Our church has had the privilege of sponsoring students at this school, and now we plan to further our impact. The school encloses a vast courtyard, and the high altitude coupled with the intense sunlight makes it unbearably hot. We experienced this firsthand during our brief visit. Our mission? To construct a roof covering a third of the courtyard, providing much-needed shade. As we gear up for this trip, we remember that missions week isn't just about those who go; it's about the collective effort of our church family. Whether you're on the ground in Guatemala or supporting from Burlington, together, we make a difference. Join us in these mission endeavors, whether by going or by partnering in other meaningful ways.

You can give to this roofing project here: https://gtburlington.churchcenter.com/giving/to/guatemala-school-project