Join a Team

Faith is about doing!

Join the Team - Volunteering at Glad Tidings Church


Through the Join the Team volunteer program, we invite you to unite with individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Together, we'll create a strong sense of community and shared purpose as we take action in serving our church and making a positive impact in the lives of others.


At the heart of our Join the Team program is a call for you to embrace your unique gifts and passions to actively serve others. Serving becomes an active expression of our faith, as we engage in selfless acts of love and compassion, reflecting the heart of Jesus to those around us.


Join the Team not only provides you with opportunities to serve, but also actively engages you in your faith journey. We believe that every individual has the potential to serve Jesus, and through this program, we aim to empower and equip you to fulfill your calling while building meaningful connections within our church family.

Please reach by filling out the "in-Take" registration form:

Let's embark on this journey of faith together, making a difference one action of service at a time.

- Training and development opportunities for all volunteers.

- Build authentic relationships with fellow team members.

- Connect deeper with the GT family and hear inspiring stories and testimonials from long-serving volunteers.

- Exciting events and initiatives throughout the year.

- Flexible time commitments and scheduling options.

- Age and skill requirements vary based on specific roles.

- Volunteer recognition and appreciation events.

Please reach by filling out the "in-Take" registration form: