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Why not use this year to join the Legacy College Internship? Together we explore Biblical Theology and the dynamics of Practical Ministry, while fostering a journey of personal spiritual formation.
Shape Your Future at Legacy College:
Beginning September 2024

In Partnership with MCS Horizon - Church Hub Program
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Who is Legacy College For?

- High school graduates considering a gap year

- College students interested in taking a break year

- Recent college graduates contemplating a gap year

- Adults seeking to explore their calling and/or engage theology at their own pace

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Fully Accredited Theological Classes Through MCS-Horizon
Hands on Ministerial Application through Practicum in Local Church Ministry

Integrative Learning Experience

Theology for classroom learning, ministry for a mix of theoretical and practical training, and formation for learning spiritual disciplines within a community setting.

Fostering Fresh Leadership

Upholding the Church's age-old tradition of training Christians for ministry, the college is dedicated to developing fresh leadership within the church at both local and national levels across Canada.

Practicum Lanes (Apprenticeship)

Worship / Media / Creative Arts
- Music Team
- Videography
- Graphics
- Livestream

Next Gen Student Ministries
- Kid’s Ministry
- Junior High & Youth Ministry
- Young Adults

Community Engagement
- Outreach & Evangelism
- Justice Ministries

Pastoral Ministry
- Pastoral Care & Visitation
- Discipleship
- Missions
- Ministry Systems and Strategies
- Leadership
- Teaching
Our program invites anyone seeking to strengthen their relationship with God and explore a potential future in ministry through scripture study, hands-on ministry experience, and spiritual growth.


1st Semester Courses:
- Intro to Theology (livestream)
- Intro to Old Testament (video on demand)
- Intro to New Testament
(livestream module Nov. 4-8, 2024 10am-5pm)

2nd Semester Courses:
- Bible Study Methods (video on demand)
- Luke-Acts (video on demand)
- Intro to Pastoral Life and Leadership
(livestream module Mar. 3-7, 2025 10am-5pm)
You can review the syllabus for each class on the Horizon website:
-> Course Overview Advanced Certificate in Ministry Leadership <-
$5,500 /yr

$5,500 covers 20 credit hours and administration costs.
Duration is 8 months (completion may vary based on individual student course loads)


At Legacy College, we've designed a program that not only nourishes your spiritual and ministerial growth but also respects your need for balance. Our focused schedule, leaves room for part-time work, personal commitments, and the essential support structures in your life. Legacy College fits into your world, helping you build a strong foundation in faith while maintaining the rhythms of daily life.
Monday – OFF ‍
Tuesday – Intro to Theology 10am-1pm | Independent Study 2-3:30pm
Wednesday – Intro to OT 10am-1pm | Independent Study 2-3:30pm
Thursday – Chapel 10-11:30am | Practicum 1-3pm
Friday – OFF

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