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Why not use this year to join the Legacy College Internship? Together we explore Biblical Theology and the dynamics of Practical Ministry, while fostering a journey of personal spiritual formation.
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Fully Accredited Theological Classes Through MCS-Horizon
Hands on Ministerial Application through Practicum in Local Church Ministry

Partnership with Accredited School

ROM (Requirement of Ministry) credits toward PAOC Credentials
18 Accredited Transferable Credits

Integrative Learning Experience

Theology for classroom learning, ministry for a mix of theoretical and practical training, and formation for learning spiritual disciplines within a community setting.

Practicum Lanes (Apprenticeship)

Worship / Media / Creative Arts
Next Gen Student Ministries
Community Engagement and Outreach
Pastoral Theology

Fostering Fresh Leadership

Upholding the Church's age-old tradition of training Christians for ministry, the college is dedicated to developing fresh leadership within the church at both local and national levels across Canada.
Our program invites anyone seeking to strengthen their relationship with God and explore a potential future in ministry through scripture study, hands-on ministry experience, and spiritual growth.

Students will demonstrate the competencies necessary for ministry leadership as they gain introductory leadership and ministry knowledge and practice and acquire basic knowledge of Pentecostal history and theology, thereby earning the minimum academic requirements for the Recognition of Ministry credential with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.


1st Semester Courses
- Intro to Theology
- Intro to Old Testament
- The Holy Spirit and the Church

2nd Semester Courses
- Hermeneutics “Bible Study Methods”
- Intro to New Testament
- Foundations of Leadership
You can review the syllabus for each class on the Horizon website:
Course Overview Advanced Certificate in Ministry Leadership <-
$5,500 /yr

- Covers 18 Credit Hours & Admin Costs
- Duration: 8 months - Each month duration is estimated on average full-time completion rates of 10 courses per 8-month period. Actual completion rates vary based on individual student course loads.


At Legacy College, we've designed a program that not only nourishes your spiritual and ministerial growth but also respects your need for balance. Our focused schedule, leaves room for part-time work, personal commitments, and the essential support structures in your life. Legacy College fits into your world, helping you build a strong foundation in faith while maintaining the rhythms of daily life.
Monday – ( Off )
Tuesday – ( Morning Class 10-12 ) / ( Afternoon Class 1-3 )
Wednesday – ( Morning Class 10-12 )  / ( Independent Study 1-3 )
Thursday – ( Morning Chapel 10-11:30 ) / ( Practicum 1-3 )
Friday – ( Off )

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