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Image (c) 2020 Kelvin Honsinger 

The Crisis

Zimbabwe is facing a severe food crisis. More than a third of the country has little or no access to food. The hunger crisis is only becoming more dire each day. Urgent action is needed now to save lives.

Last year’s drought, the worst affecting Zimbabwe in over a century, left the country struggling to plant on time. With little water reserves, crop production is low and cannot sustain the people of Zimbabwe. Even if there is a small harvest, many children and their families will not see any food. With such a high demand, food prices are out of reach for many families

Image (c) 2020 Kelvin Honsinger 

Partnering with ERDO

ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas) and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe are partnering to provide 890 families with a 6-month supply of food.


Each member of the family will receive food staples, lifting the burden of paying these increasing food costs. Each person will receive a monthly basket including:

  • 10 kg of ground maize,

  • 2 kg of beans,

  • 1 L of fortified cooking oil

All donations received for Zimbabwe Food Assistance were matched 4:1 by the Canadian Government through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.


Image (c) 2020 Kelvin Honsinger