Report on the Glad Tidings Church Life Survey 
To the GT Church Family, from the GT Board of Deacons (March 1, 2021) 

We are privileged to participate together in the plans that God has for His Church. In this report the GT Board of Deacons is providing an update regarding the Church Life Survey that was completed in the Fall of 2020. The survey was an opportunity for people to share their perspectives on the life of our church. What are our strengths? How can we improve? What is most important? This information was intended to help inform the search for a new Lead Pastor and also to be a resource for planning future ministry directions. 


The response rate to the survey was 35% of the 800 total requests sent to individuals over the age of 16. This is considered a substantial and reliable response that is regarded as representative of our whole church family. Typically, a response rate of 28 – 30% is considered good. The Board sincerely thanks everyone who participated in this important Church Life Survey. Below is a summary of statistics and key findings: 

Demographic highlights: 

• 75% are married 

• 16% have attended GT for 3 or fewer years; 45% have attended more than 10 years 

• 16% are within the age of 18 to 40; 40% are older than 60 

• 32% identify as a visible minority. 


The ten characteristics analyzed were: 

1 GEP God's Empowering Presence 

2 GEW God-Exalting Worship 

3 SD Spiritual Disciplines 

4 LGC Learning & Growing in the Community 

5 LCR Loving & Caring Relationships 

6 SLD Servant-Leadership Development 

7 OF An Outward Focus 

8 WAA Wise Administration & Accountability 

9 NBC Networking with the Body of Christ 

10 SG Stewardship & Generosity 

Overall, how effective are we at living out the 10 characteristics in GT? 








Below are key insights and significant themes that will be helpful to the Lead Pastor, the Board, and pastoral staff team to shape future direction and plans. 

A Commitment to Fellowship and Loving & Caring Relationships: WE FAMILY is all about our commitment to loving & caring for each other. Building healthy relationships requires intentionality, sincerity, and commitment to ensure we are equipped to conquer relational challenges that inevitably occur, in ways that will honor the Lord and serve His purposes. 

Focus: Consider more opportunities for the church family to connect and develop meaningful relationships. 


Everyone who calls GT their home church should be able to confidently say, “We Family”. There is opportunity to do more to facilitate building up the body of Christ by connecting believers of like mind, heart, age, and life-stage. As our church family continues to grow and demographics, needs and circumstances change, the goal is that no one should feel left out. 

Diversity: The leadership and ministry programs at GT should be reflective of the demographic diversity of our church family. 


Focus: Consider and develop ways to encourage greater diversity in our GT leadership: Board, staff, ministry leaders and volunteers. This will contribute to a welcoming environment and ensure full participation in fulfilling God’s purposes and plans for the GT Family. 

God-Exalting Worship: To exalt God is to raise Him to the highest place in our lives. To give Him first place in every thought, every word spoken, and every deed. GT’s experience of gathering for worship is seen as refreshing and renewing, uplifting and meaningful. Worship is an important preparation time for receiving the Word of God, encompassed in prayer, and is a means to encourage us to engage the world as instruments of God's mercy, wisdom, and strength. 


Focus: There is a desire for more unhurried worship times and a deepening experience of God ‘s strength through worship. 

God's Empowering Presence: We actively seek the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit within our services, ministry programs and daily life activities. God's empowering presence is a fresh reminder that we can depend on the Holy Spirit for every decision made, every relationship pursued, and every action lived out in His name and for His sake. 


Focus: We will benefit when there is more opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work; for our gatherings to experience more of God’s presence; and for going deeper in prayer. 

Spiritual Discipline: Life can become difficult without good discipline, especially for the believer. Disciplines are regular practices. Spiritual disciplines are routine biblical practices that help us grow spiritually in Christ. Spiritual disciplines help transform and enrich our lives, while in turn enabling us to help transform and enrich the lives of others around us. 


Focus: There is an expressed desire to put greater emphasis on developing and nurturing spiritual disciplines such as individual prayer, building a strong biblical foundation, going deeper in God’s Word, fasting, confession, worship, fellowship, service, generosity, and disciple-making. 

Communication: – Communicating well is a strength and needs to remain a priority focus in all we do. As an organisation, we should strive to continually improve the timeliness, relevance, and effectiveness of our communications. 


Focus: We can be more effective in sharing consistently about GT’s ministry programs, events, missions support, giving / generosity, community outreach and overall operations and ministry of the church. 

In addition to the above themes, rest assured that the total results and input provided through the survey will be an invaluable resource for our future growth and outreach in the Burlington community and beyond. We embrace with great enthusiasm this next ministry season and the pathway that God has planned for this local church.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21 

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