Take the next step in your faith journey

Membership – Call 905-335-8172 for info.  Next class October 16th.

Are you ready to take the next step in your faith journey and become a formal part of our church community? We invite you to consider becoming a member of our church family.

Why Choose Membership?
Formalize Your Commitment: Membership signifies your dedication to our church and community.
Deepen Your Connection: Joining our church family provides a sense of belonging and support.
Spiritual Growth: Grow in faith alongside like-minded individuals.
Serve with Purpose: Get involved in meaningful ministries and outreach programs, and have a say in the Annual General Meeting.

How to Become a Member? The Next Membership Class: October 16th

Join us in this exciting journey of faith, growth, and community! Together, we can make a difference. For more information and to register for our next membership class contact the office: - 905.335.8172