LeadNow - Leadership Development for kids!

LeadNow Interest Signup available for those interested!

We are so excited to be re-launching the LeadYoung Program at GT this September! We will be starting with the LeadNow program for students entering grades 6-8.

Those interested in participating are asked to register HERE to receive more information, and to access the Nelson Young Leader Inventory to have completed by a teacher, coach, community leader etc. to help us discover if this program is right for your child.

About the LeadNow Program:

LeadNow: Ages 10-13* (*entering grades 6-8 in September, 2023)

Unlike most leadership programs that focus only on adults, LeadYoung’s LeadNow training systems target leaders while they’re young and moldable.

We believe the single most strategic time for developing leaders of character and competence is the preteen years of 10-13. The reason is that while cognitions are elevated at this age, character is still pliable. Because life experience is still limited, we rely heavily on discovering and developing those with natural leadership talent identified through an online assessment that adults take on the preteen, called the Nelson Young Leader Inventory.

Course Focus:

LeadNow centres its training curriculum on 16 of the most sought-after leadership qualities, focusing on character and competence (skills). These are divided into 4 modules, each consisting of eight 2-hour sessions.

When young leaders go through all 4 of the colour modules, they will have received over 50 hours of concentrated training and experienced more than 100 leadership experiences.

Top 5 Benefits of LeadNow Training:

  1. Identifies leadership aptitude: While some programs assess IQ, raw athletic talent, and artistic ability, LeadNow identifies youth with leadership aptitude.  Through the Nelson Young Leader Inventory and live training opportunities, we can earmark those with a natural leadership gifting that enables them to learn leadership skills faster and more enjoyably than most. This need not take years of hit and miss testing in life experiences, but can be assessed early for more intentional training and development. 
  2. Unique combination of character and skill training: The reason for focusing on the 10-13 year old window is to target leaders when their cognitions are developed sufficiently to learn concepts related to leading and yet their character is still pliable. By combining character and competency, we lessen the risk of leaders compartmentalizing their ethics from leadership decisions that is the root of many organizational scandals and problems we see today and historically.
  3. Concentrated practical experience: Over the course of our 4 training modules, participants experience approximately 100 activities related to various aspects of leading. These are accomplished in teams, among peers, and with adult coaching and feedback. That is a lot of supervised experience, utilizing accelerated learning methods that research says heightens retention.  Your young leader won’t get boring classroom lectures or conceptual book learning.
  4. Provides a 15-25 year head start: Most formal leadership training does not begin until the ages of 25-35, when certain employees have been identified as potential leaders and are sent to seminars and training events. Some leadership development programs can be found in college and high school, but practically none taps the pivotal preteen years of 10-13. This early development provides a significant head start in the competitive field of leadership. 
  5. Establishes a leader self-image: One of the biggest ah-ha’s we’ve seen as a result of LeadNow training are the lights that go on as those with leadership aptitude begin to actually see themselves as leaders. Because leadership is typically considered an adult activity in our culture, most kids do not see themselves as leaders. Trainers and parents attest to the observable change in disposition as they gain confidence and begin to think of themselves differently.

Visit the LeadYoung Website to find out more: https://leadyoungtraining.com/