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“Evangelistic mission works effectively when we are living generous, hospitable, Spirit-led, Christlike lives as missionaries to our own neighbourhoods…”
Michael Frost, "Surprise the World"

Isolation and lack of connection have been hard for all of us.

Instead of waiting for someone to connect with you, reach out and connect with them!   


We want to help you do this by resourcing you with a “Love Your Neighbour” toolbox.   


When you sign up you will receive a kit full of goodies to share with your neighbours and co-workers, including treats, a Starbucks Coffee Traveller that serves coffee for up to 10 friends, and a special surprise for you. Additionally, you'll also receive instant access to a virtual toolbox giving you tons of resources including a prayer tool to help you pray for your neighbours, ideas on how to serve your neighbours, invitations to church online and more!   


What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!


Connecting with your neighbour, co-workers or friends and pointing them to Jesus is not a one time event, it's a journey.  As you commit to building relationship with people in your life and  sharing your faith, God will surprise you you and how He uses you to lead others to him!  


A great way to share your faith with them is to host an Alpha group in your home.  Alpha is a series of 8 videos that cover questions about life and faith that your neighbours, friends and co-workers may have. At each Alpha we eat, watch the video and have discussion while inviting people in the group to share their questions about life and faith.  It is an amazing way to introduce someone to Jesus!  


If you would be interested in hosting an Alpha in your home, where you can invite friends, neighbours and co-workers, please click the link below.  

We will provide training and walk with you as you talk this step!”

Alpha sample video:

Week 1 "Is there more to life than this?"