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Thank you for joining Alpha- At Home Edition! We have seen countless lives transformed by simply watching the Alpha videos and following up the video with a conversation, and we think that one of the best ways to do this is through personal relationship.  By signing up for the Alpha- At Home Edition, you will receive training, tools and EVERYTHING you need to walk through the Alpha course with someone in your life that does not yet know Christ or has questions about life and faith.

*** LIVE TRAINING will be available for you on Thursday Sept 24 (7-8:30) OR Sunday Sept 27 (7-8:30) at GT.

Please email hbates@gtburlington.org to register***

5Easy Steps to Hosting Alpha

There are 5 easy steps to hosting this Alpha and a whole team of experienced people available to help you!

Step one - Pick a Time & Place:

Pick a time that you will be free for 6 weeks.  We recommend meeting for 1-1.5 hrs. You can have them in your home, you can plan to meet in a coffee shop, over zoom or you can meet on lunch break at work.  Anywhere will work!


Step 2 - Invite:

Invite a friend or family member to take the Alpha journey with you.  We know that this step can make you nervous, but you never know who might say yes!  Remember that everyone has questions. When you invite someone, tell them that you have seen some incredible videos about life and faith and you would love to watch it with them.  Ask them if they would be interested in watching the first one.  You can even take it week by week from there. 


Step 3 - Attend Training:

Hosting Alpha is easy, but we want to help you make the most out of your Alpha! We are hosting LIVE training at GT on Thursday Sept 24 (7-8:30) OR Sunday Sept 27 (7-8:30).  Please email hbates@gtburlington.org to register.


Step 4 - Prepare: 

Below are 6 Alpha videos + a discussion guide for each video. Before each Alpha session prepare by reviewing the videos and conversation starters.  Spend time in prayer for your friends and family members!


Step 5 - Follow Through:

When you meet try to incorporate food, watch the video together and then engage in conversation and open it up so that your friend/family can share their questions.  We will talk about this more in training, but remember, you don’t need to have all the answers (in fact it’s better if you don’t!) However, you do need to care for the person you are with and create an open space for them to share.  Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit who is doing a work that you and I often cannot see right away!


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