Summer 2018

This is My Story

RESCUE 991 - July 8, 2018 - MP3

RESCUE 991 with Pastor Kevin Shepherd

Series: This is My Story
Sermon: Rescue 991

We all have a story.
This summer we are going to be walking through a different parable from Jesus every week. These stories that Jesus told are so much more than just an earthly story with a heavenly meaning as some people describe them. Parables are so much more than Jesus playing a game of confuse the stinky fishermen. These episodes are even more than a perplexing hook that Jesus would use to get the attention of a large crowd of people so he could teach them other truths, they are timeless reflections of our own story.

This simple but significant assertion will guide us towards experiencing everything that Jesus intended when he conveyed his parables. Here it is; Parables show me my story. When Jesus was telling a parable, he desired that every person who heard them throughout all time would pause, listen and think, "This is my story."

Watch as Kevin leads us through a striking story that Jesus tells in the midst of one of his more prominent controversies.