Spring 2018

We follow Jesus because we have no greater calling, no greater purpose, and we will have no better life than if we follow Jesus.

Don't Follow the Yellow Brick Road March 4th 2018 - MP3

Series: Follow Me
Sermon: Don't Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Pastor Kevin Shepherd

So many times we are tempted to follow the yellow brick road and believe that the abundance of things is where we find the better life. Ultimately, all the signs that point us towards cultural prosperity are really the grand machinery of North American greed which is the proverbial man behind the curtain manipulating our desires, hopes and dreams into something that is a facade for true worth and value. Watch, as Kevin invites us to consider a better way where instead of following the yellow brick road, we follow Jesus because we have no greater calling, no greater purpose, and we will have no better life than if we follow Jesus.

Followers Fish March 11th 2018 - MP3

Series: Follow Me
Sermon: Followers Fish - Pastor Kevin Shepherd

Imagine one day you were walking down the street with your friend, and then all of a sudden they started to break out in a race walk. Have you ever seen these races where the competitors thrust their hips out from side to side and walk in the strangest way possible? Imagine your friend started to do that spontaneously without explanation! I think that we would all have a few questions for said friend. Like, "Do you have somewhere that you need to be, quickly and awkwardly? Why are you walking like that all of a sudden?" What if that friend's response to you was, "No everything is fine, I'm the same, you're the same. Nothing to see here!" Something just wouldn't quite make sense with their response would it?! Something similar to this happens when as a Christian you begin to walk differently in a spiritual sense. Your friends think it is strange and question what is going on. Watch, as Kevin challenges us not to forget the most important aspect of following Jesus which will help explain to our friends why our walk through life is a little different than others.

Keeping The Rules March 18th 2018 - MP3

Series: Follow Me
Sermon: Keeping The Rules - Pastor Rick Zuidersma

Hard Act to Follow March 25th 2018 - MP3

Series: Follow Me
Sermon: Hard Act to Follow - Pastor Kevin Shepherd

Have you ever had a facepalm moment? You know, one of those moments when you just can't believe that something happened and you express your frustration, disappointment or disbelief by covering your face with your hand? Sometimes you are so embarrassed or surprised by someone's actions that words just don't cut it, you have to express how you feel physically somehow-enter stage right, the facepalm.

We have all had facepalm moments because of what someone else has done, but as many times as we have done this towards others we have to admit that we have done this because of something that we have done ourselves right?! It wasn't someone else who did the embarrassing, "What were you thinking" kind of moment, but yourself! If you haven't had one of those moments lately, watch as Kevin explains how Palm Sunday might be one of the most significant Facepalm moments of the year for Christians and suggests the best way to transform the day.

Follow Up April 1st 2018, Easter Sunday - MP3

This year resurrection Sunday and April Fools Day happened to coincide. For some people that makes sense because they are quite skeptical that Jesus literally rose from the grave over 2000 years ago. The truth is if Jesus didn't rise from the grave like he said he would and like his early followers said that he did then all of Christianity falls apart. The biggest fools are actually the billions of Christians who fell for it, right?! However, if it is true that Jesus rose again from the grave, then it has immense implications for our lives today. In fact, our decision about the resurrection of Jesus is so important and so consequential that this moment that you are reading this could be the most important moment of your life. Watch, as Kevin explains how this moment could not only be the most important moment for your life, but for the lives of every person in the entire world, no joke!

Follow Through April 8th 2018 - MP3

Sermon: Follow Through
Series: Follow Me

Have you ever been expecting someone to follow through on something and they don't? Frustrating isn't it? Have you ever had all the good intentions in the world to follow through on something yourself, but you just plain don't? We all have. Most of the time it is something small that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, like a daily task or chore that you mean to do, but keep forgetting to carry out. There are other times, however, that we don't follow through on things not because we forget but because of our mindset. Watch, as Kevin takes us through a unique moment that he calls, The Last Breakfast, to learn how we can follow through on our commitment to follow Jesus.

Follow My Voice April 14th 2018 - MP3


It's ICE STORM SUNDAY and even though you can't drive to church we are happy to bring you Pastor Steve's message: "Follow My Voice". Listen as Pastor Steve challenges us to walk in obedience with the Good Shepherd and follow wherever he leads us.